Professor, Captain Samuel "Tex" Patterson-Beauregard


Key abilities:
Cartography, Geography, Survival, Palaeozoology, Banjo, Poker
Key vices:
Curiosity, Obsession (Exploration), Rival (Dr. Rothenburg), Compulsion (Active sports), Careless with equipment


Tex is a third generation Texan born in 1893 enjoying a privileged upbringing in a cattle and oil rich family living in and outside Houston. The second generation of Texan Pattersons, originating from Sweden and northern England, merged with the French-Louisianan Beuregards (related to the famous general).
Serving in the Texas Guards as a cavalry officers Tex was sent to the muddy battlefields of the Great War, achieving the rank of captain which he still holds as a courtesy rank.
As tradition in the family dictated he was cut off from the family wealth until he had proven himself and made his own fortune and success. Tex hit the books in New York and Paris and is very much a field scientist. As of 1927 he is an associate professor at NY’s Museum of Natural History seeking tenured research position.
For several years Tex worked as a soldier of fortune in any capacity necessary to gain opportunity to travel with a variety of vehicles or access to restricted areas with military outfits or the like. The result of this is a very odd set of skills and an innate ability to improvise and dabble with vehicles, weaponry, mechanical- and electrical equipment.
Residing in London he scours the scene for investors to fund expeditions to explore the blank spots of the maps or recover remains of prehistoric creatures. His biggest goal is to find an isolated valley or lost island home to living dinosaurs.
Many an expedition has been rushed to follow in the wake of his eternal nemesis and rival German scientist Dr. Rothenburg to stop him fouling it up or stealing glory.


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