Florian van der Bosche

Daredevil ex-cop


Florian grew up in Antwerp, was part of an artillery division, and was living the good life as a viril young man in Antwerp.
Then came the german invasion, there was vows of death for king and country, but those vows went away when Big Bertha started the shelling, and soon hereafter, Florian desertet to America, working as a ships cook and left all he held dear behind in german hands.

In New York he used his last money to open up a local bar, but after refusing to pay for fire insurance from local Italians it was burned down and wanting to get even, Florian joined the police so he could punish those who took advantage of people.

He was brutal, efficient and enforced the law, but bureaucracy got in the way of justice and Florian left New York to start over in London.


Florian van der Bosche

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